Month: October 2013

Newsletter October 2013

The summer has slipped by and the maples on Big Rideau Lake are tipped with flame. There is no question about it, autumn brings the most sensational vistas of the lake at Fancy Free. The serenity of the water combined with the stunning colours of scarlet, gold, green and purple that line the shoreline create glorious contrasts in colour. There comes a day in September when the fading warmth of summer is suddenly replaced by a briskness in the air that makes itself felt in the urge to get outside and do things vigorously … no more lying about reading on lawn chairs and swimming! This is the time that friends visit one another to catch up around the fireplace and savour a bit of warmth along with good conversation and a mug of something hot.

The summer of 2013 will go down in the annals of Fancy Free as the Year of the Dishwasher. That’s right… a super-efficient whisper-quiet Bosch dishwasher is now cleverly installed in the kitchen, next to the double sink. We have always prided ourselves on the Victorian authenticity of Fancy Free, and wondered how we could ever manage to put a dishwasher into the kitchen without (a) taking up far too much space or (b) having it look out of place and ultra-modern. Well, we found a way and you would never know there was a dishwasher there… but there is, hidden behind an original cupboard door. Dinners for eight are now a snap to clear up, and the dishwasher is so quiet that you can barely tell when it’s on. Island living has become much easier all of a sudden.

We continue to work on plans to very slightly enlarge the boathouse, while being careful to stay within all guidelines of Parks Canada and the municipality. We plan to increase the amount of storage for boats and to create a slip that will shelter the motorboat from the weather. This will be the next big project and we can’t wait to get started. Meanwhile, the leaves are beginning to fall and Fancy Free is starting to fall asleep for the winter. We will open it again in the spring, ready for another year of fun. Our office is, of course, open all winter long and we look forward to hearing from all friends of Fancy Free over the next few months, as we embark on another season of cottaging on the Rideau. Have a good winter and see you next year!